8 Years of Corporate Excellence

For at least the 8th year in a row, Best Choice Fencing has received an Excellence award from experts companies worldwide. We have been recognized in multiple categories, coming in at #26 providers on the Area of Atlanta Georgia, and Fastest-Growing Companies list.

We are grateful to be recognized for our accomplishments in 2020 as we look forward to another successful year of business in 2021.

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A Chain-link Fence

Humans have used various types of fencing for safety since time ancient. However, one of the modern world’s most common variations, chain-link, is a moderately recent modernization. Since its invention, chain-link fencing has become wildly popular worldwide due to its toughness, efficiency, and quite low cost.

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Steps For Vinyl Fence Needs Repairs

Vinyl fences have gained fame in recent days. This can be attributed to different aspects such as the capability of the fences to last a long time, and the fence guaranteeing homeowners great value for their money.

They are also easy to sustain which makes them economical. Any homeowner who would like to save money while keeping a fence will definitely go for this kind of fence.

Apart from its good qualities, this type of fence is also stylish, which will increase the value of your home’s appeal.

Here are some repair tips that you can apply for you to maintain them well

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During the winter, frost buildup can cause the posts of a vinyl fence to become loose. In this case, you will need to dig out the posts and dig deeper holes. Make the holes wider at the base of the holes after digging them deeper. You may need to use cement to make the posts more sturdy.

Try to dig the holes deeper than the frost depth when digging them because if you leave them at the frost depth after you repair them, they will end up having the same problem later. Put in the posts after digging the holes deep enough and wide enough at the base. As the cement dries, the posts will become firm, making them less susceptible to future frost.

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Repairing cracks

Accidents can sometimes occur at your home, resulting in cracking of posts or other parts of the fence. In this case, you will have no choice but to order new features for the fence in order to fix it.

To make your repair effective, you will need to estimate the broken parts so you can order enough parts.

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Repairing Loose Gates

Gates on fences may become loose from time to time. In such a case, you will need to identify the cause and adjust accordingly. Gate problems are usually caused by loose hinges. For the gates to remain firm, you will need to tighten the hinges if they are loose.

Even if you tighten the hinges and the gates are still loose, you will need more reinforcement. When you open the gates, the wheels will take excess pressure from the hinges, preventing the gates from becoming loose again.

Fixing Falling Caps

There are times when you will notice decorative caps falling off vinyl fence posts. This is a simple repair that only requires glue to avoid your beautiful vinyl fence losing its beauty due to fallen caps.

It is necessary to purchase a suitable PVC glue for resolving the caps so that they remain in place while firmly fixed.

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